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Video Services

Dedicated To Your Goals Every Step Of The Way

Every story is different, but they all follow a similar path – an intriguing beginning, a riveting middle and a fulfilling conclusion.

Bringing that story to life requires a similar flow. But too often when it comes to video services, studios jump right into the middle of production without taking the beginning or conclusion into consideration.

At the end of shooting, the client may have some great video in hand, but without the right planning, the story lacks impact and the audience walks away, taking their sales along with them.

Video has become a communication necessity, and like any business tactic, requires thorough planning and a dedicated professional team. The video services monkeys at Fat Chimp Studios in St. Louis are your personal all-star team, leading you step-by-step through the entire production process. We learn the ins and outs of your business, immerse ourselves in your industry, and engage with your employees to create a video that reflects your company and connects with your customers.


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Our Three-Step Video Services Process

  • Pre-Production – A good video starts with a great idea – one that touches the hearts and the minds of everyone who watches it. Fat Chimp Studios’ scriptwriters can develop a script that hits on the most important aspects of your message and resonates with your viewers, whether it’s a corporate training video, commercial or testimonial. Our storyboard artists and directors then map it out, ensuring the video meets your expectations before the cameras start rolling, saving time and money.
  • Production – Fat Chimp Studios takes all aspects of video production off your shoulders and on to ours. We’ll handle scouting the location, hiring the talent and coordinating every shoot. We can film at your business, in our state-of-the-art production studio – the largest in St. Louis – or anywhere else in the world. And if budget constraints put the kibosh on traveling, we can virtually create your ideal location in studio through our green screen and animation technology or construct a set to your specifications.
  • Post-Production – Our directors are talented storytellers, but it’s our post-production team of editors, animators, audio engineers and creative directors that piece the tale together. In our editing suites we work side-by-side with you to construct your video in a way that provides a solid foundation for your message and objectives. In addition, by incorporating industry-leading graphics and animation, state-of-the-art video effects, and vivid audio, our team can turn an ordinary video into an extraordinary experience.

For more insight into our production process, take our online video services studio tour to visit our studios and editing suites and see all the chimps in action or join our mailing list to get insight directly in your inbox.

No matter the application or the medium, Fat Chimp Studios video services in St. Louis can create an engaging, powerful and profitable marketing tool that’s available 24/7 and on your customers’ demand.


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