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Video Production Process

For some journeys, it’s all about throwing caution to the wind
and going where the road takes you. In the corporate video
world, that sort of adventure can quickly veer off course,
sidetracking your goals and demolishing your budget.

Without proper planningyour foray into the video production
process could wind up at a dead end, bringing your potential
sales down with it. When it comes to sharing your story
through video, you need the right road map – and even better,
someone to guide you through your entire journey. Let the
Chimp be your Sherpa during your video expedition, ensuring
you deliver your message to the right destination while you
stay in complete control of your message.

As a leading video production company, the Fat Chimp
Studios team isn’t just led by incredible videographers; we
have a full-service staff that is with you from day one in the
video production process. Long before we grab the camera,
we partner with you to determine your goals, identify your
audience, and uncover the best way to connect with them. Serious or fun, educational or sales-oriented, you can be sure your video is engaging and on budget!

Take A Virtual Tour Of Fat Chimp Studios

What better way to help explain what we do and the video production process than by taking you on a virtual tour of our studio. Our team of professionals use their expertise to create a final project that you will be proud to showoff!

Write. Draw. Shoot. Deliver.


In this edition of the Jungle Comic Strip, we take you through the steps of the video production process.From the initial idea and storyboard to shooting, editing, and delivery, we can create a final piece you are proud to showoff! View the full comic strip!

  • Write – Scriptwriting is a collaborative process. We’ll meet with you to uncover your needs, and based on the outline you provide, construct a script that informs and engages. Audio and video are organized side-by-side so you get a full picture of your story before the camera ever rolls. And with our in-house producers and directors, we can secure the talent, lead the interviews, and set the scene to bring your final script to fruition.
  • Draw – Every video can use a Hollywood ending – and Hollywood-level animation and graphics. In addition to storyboarding your script, our design chimps can combine their artistic talents and business savvy with cutting-edge technology to add animation and design to your story. Based on your goals, we can incorporate everything from characters to 3D tutorials to product animation for a video as impressive as your business.
  • Shoot – Want to shoot your video in Paris? Or just look like you’re there? Fat Chimp can capture your story anywhere in the world or right here in our own high-tech studio, featuring the ultimate in lighting, sound and green screen technology. With experienced videographers, the latest equipment and technology and a diverse portfolio, we ensure every video is powerful and engaging.
  • Deliver – The editing room is the final leg of your video journey. Building off your script, we combine your video and animation with audio and voiceover to construct your story in brilliant sound and picture. We involve you throughout the review process to make sure everything surpasses what you imagined and can be delivered in your preferred medium, whether web or broadcast.

In our jungle, effective video planning means your customers are not only captivated on your video journey, they’re excited to be along for the ride! The Fat Chimps are here to help you through the entire video production process allowing you to concentrate on preparing for bigger sales headed your way!


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