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Professional Quality Video

Your colleagues believe they morph into big-time Hollywood
directors the moment they get a smartphone in their hands.
But while they picture the next big blockbuster in their minds,
the end product doesn’t quite match up.

Smartphones just can’t deliver the impact of professional
quality video in the corporate world. While it’s great for
recording Junior’s t-ball game or a birthday party, it’s not the
most effective for business communication. With a fuzzy
picture, inaudible sound and jerky movements, a poorly
produced amateur corporate video can lead your viewers
to question the professionalism of your business – and leave
them with a bout of motion sickness.

You wouldn’t let an amateur fix your plumbing, so why give
him or her the power to convey your company’s message to
potential customers? Urge your coworker to skip the
smartphone and call Fat Chimp Studios, a top video
production company in St. Louis. We have the cutting-edge
technology, a talented team of production pros, and the
business savvy to produce professional quality video that
reflects your company’s reputation as a leader in your market.

The Jungle Theater Presents: Casabanana

Fat Chimp Studios took the classic Casablanca and put a chimp twist on it creating Casabanana. Watch our homage to this classic and see why you should be incorporating professional quality video into your communication strategy!

Make An Impact With An Incredible First Impression


In this edition of the Jungle Comic Strip, we highlight the importance of professional quality video. Yes, most people have a smartphone and the video quality is pretty good but not everyone is the next Martin Scorsese! Your business’ image is too important to tarnish with a less than stellar video. View the full comic strip!

We’ve Got It Handled

Fat Chimp Studios has produced videos for corporations, businesses and organizations here in St. Louis and around the world. We have the skills and expertise to turn your idea into a powerful communications tool that can be used for any of your departments to engage with customers on a global scale.

Our professional staff offers you solutions that no smartphone can deliver. We can storyboard your production, scout the perfect location, and bring your story to life with the best in audio and video capabilities. Since your coworkers aren’t any better actors than they are directors, we can also secure the talent who will professionally deliver your message. And by offering industry-leading post-production services, we can turn your video into a powerful selling tool with graphics, animation and sound that resonates with your prospects and boosts you ahead of your competition.

While your managers and coworkers think going the amateur route is the more affordable direction to take, it actually costs you in the long run. A professionally-produced video connects with your customers and prospects in a way other marketing tactics can’t. When they get an inside look at your business and the products you offer, the potential for greater sales only grows as your video plays. And the better the video, the more likely they will share it with their colleagues who are also looking to purchase.


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