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3D Animation

Taking Your Video Places You Never Expected

3D animation is one of the best ways to wow you audience.
Just like your favorite 3D and CGI movies at your local
theater, Fat Chimp Studios’ high-tech, visually mesmerizing
graphics pull you into the story and make you feel like you’re
part of the action, even when you’re stuck in your seat.

Creating a digital environment is a meticulous, painstaking
process, but one Fat Chimp Studios animators have
mastered. We’re continually looking to challenge our skills
and to use our blockbuster-worthy experience to create 3D
animation that blows away the competition and blows your
viewers’ minds.

3D animation requires the involvement of many of our
animation chimps. We’ll first model your product or character
using wireframes before we rig it with a virtual skeleton to
move it how you want. Our animators add visual elements,
such as texture and light, so each character or location is
incredibly lifelike. After all modeling and graphics are
complete, we render the animation by building files that
create the movements, components and action for the final



How Your Business Can Use 3D Animation

There’s no limit to how 3D animation can be integrated into your project. The detail and flexibility of 3D is essential in situations where 2D animation and traditional photography are unable to capture every element you want. Just a few uses include:

  • Showing what hasn’t been created. For spec work or building plans, 3D animation is able to guide your viewers through a place or product that has yet to exist. We can take images you have in your blueprints or even in your imagination and create a virtual location that welcomes everyone inside.
  • Offering simple explanations of complex ideas. Standard animation can help explain a process or procedure, but through 3D animation, viewers gain a better understanding of every aspect. One can better grasp a complex medical procedure, for instance, if he or she can travel virtually inside the human body.
  • Creating character animation. 3D animation has become standard in Hollywood because of its ability to bring characters to life. Whether you want to create a character or send your viewers to another world, we can animate anything you can dream of.
  • Travel where no other medium can go. A photo can show the features of say, a new car, but only 3D animation places your viewers behind the wheel from their computer screens, takes them on a journey through the mechanics and allows them to see the view from the road before they ever climb inside.

Discover how 3D animation can make a difference for your video project by viewing the Fat Chimp Studios demo reel or by checking out our 3D animation porftolio. With our vast experience and talented 3D animators at our St. Louis animation studio, you can be sure your video is everything you hoped it to would be.


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