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Video 101

Your Guide Through Video Production

As with any new business journey, it’s important to explore the
area instead of jumping in feet first. While you’re excited to get
your video up and running, taking a step back to plan where
you want to go can morph your company video into a
communication powerhouse.

Learning about the video production process early on helps
you choose the right video production studio and ensure you’re
getting the most bang for your buck. It guarantees you get the
right message to the right audience at the right time – and on budget.

Fat Chimp Studios has gathered together the questions and
topics that can have the biggest impact on your project and
created Video 101 – your online video production tutorial.
Dive into each section for more information and if you still
want more information – join our mailing list for V101 to your inbox!

Hear About Video 101 From The Fat Chimp Himself

Explore Our Video 101 Section!

      professional quality video

Professional Quality Video – John in IT may have a pretty sweet camera phone and Sara in accounting may have a Scorsese obsession, but do you really want them running the show? Learn why amateur video saves you money in the short run, but misses the mark on your goals.

     video production process
Video Production Process – You may think all video production companies are the same, but Fat Chimp Studios is different – we take the lead at every step in the video process. Discover how our mission to Write, Shoot, Draw, and Deliver creates a communication masterpiece.
     ways to use video
Ways to Use Video – Your video is in hand, but where do you go from here? Video can be used in ways you never imagined and connect with audiences you never expected. Let Fat Chimp Studios show you how video is the most versatile tool in your communication arsenal.
     location location location
Location, Location, Location – Location is as important a part of your story as your plot and characters. Fat Chimp Studios can shoot anywhere in the world or bring the world right to our St. Louis production studio. Discover all of your location options – from your office to the outer limits of the universe.
     3d animation
3D Animation – In our jungle, barriers are broken down and imagination is infinite. No matter your requirements, 3D animation can meet your expectations. Take a tour through some of our 3D animation projects.
     professional audio
Professional Audio – No video is complete without the perfect audio. Fat Chimp Studios audio engineers combine voice talent, music and custom sounds to transform your audience’s entire viewing experience. Listen for yourself to the difference quality audio makes.
Still have questions on video production? Before choosing a video production company, talk to us first and let us guide you personally through the options we have in store for you.

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