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When you need to bring your video production out of the elements into an environment you can control, look no further than the Fat Chimp Studios. Our St. Louis video production studio rentals, centrally located, are available for your production needs and stand out from our competitors in terms of size, technology and our experienced crew.

  • Studio A – Our 2,250 square foot soundstage is one of the largest in the St. Louis area, providing a completely customizable experience for anyone requiring a multi-camera production. Completely soundproof, featuring the best in lighting, and offering a wide array of resources, Studio A is a premier production facility. We can even construct a custom set for you, just like we did when we transformed Studio A into a hospital for a medical client, to save you money on travel costs and save you from the headaches that arise when shooting on location.
  • Studio B – When you want to create a virtual environment for your production, Fat Chimp Studios’ 411 square foot Studio B can morph into any location in the world – or even out of this world. The studio features an infinity wall that may be used as a green screen for a virtual set or video background. It can also be painted white for those shoots that don’t require green screen technology. In addition, Studio B is connected to our state-of-the-art control room, featuring superior control technology, including a High Definition 8 input Broadcast Pix video switcher with TRu Multi-Touch Monitor.
  • Audio Suite – When filming in our soundstage or in our studio, you can also take advantage of Fat Chimp Studios’ audio services. Staffed with experienced audio engineers and sound technicians, our audio suite and sound booth can help you capture the perfect sound while filming in-house. Learn more about all of our audio services.
  • Green Room – No video production facility is complete without a green room for the stars that walk through its doors. Fat Chimp Studios recently opened our 1,500 square foot green room to ensure the ultimate in comfort throughout your shoot. Use of our green room comes standard with our St. Louis video production studio rentals. Your talent can get dressed and get their makeup done before the shoot, and your team and client can relax between takes, see what’s happening on set via a live camera feed, and enjoy refreshments.

Watch the Fat Chimp Studios online tour of our location in St. Louis for a peek inside our facility or schedule a time to visit our studio in-person to learn how we can accommodate your video production needs.



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