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Interactive Services

Engage To Entertain And Inform

Customer engagement doesn’t stop when your prospect exits your store or office – it should extend with every experience they have with your organization. Building a relationship is how you turn customers of your business into advocates for your company.

Interactive media services from Fat Chimp Studios in St. Louis can turn your communication efforts into a two-way street – giving your customers the solutions they want on-demand and boosting the sales you desire. From interactive websites and mobile apps to online games and virtual tours, interactive media lets your users control the action and keeps them engaged even when they’re not actively seeking your services.

According to Social Media Today, 65% of users are visual learners – they crave a hands-on experience. And an interactive media solution that engages their senses of sight, hearing and touch while they shop, learn, and play allows your message to resonate with them.

The TRU Touch Experience

Custom Interactive Media Services

At Fat Chimp Studios, our animators, graphic designers and producers can enhance the user experience for every member of your audience at his or her office, in your stores or at trade shows. We combine video, content, graphics, and eLearning tools to strengthen a number of interactive applications:

  • Mobile Apps – According to Nielsen, the average American adult uses 26 mobile apps a month. Ensure yours is one at top of mind and right at hand. We can design a game, shopping or product app that ties in with your users’ needs, making their lives easier and more efficient.
  • Engaging Website Content – Fat Chimp Studios makes your site a completely interactive experience. By incorporating games, 3D walkthroughs, virtual tours, product training, and online demonstrations, customers stay on your site longer and you enjoy a higher direct response rate.
  • Multi-Touch, Multimedia Solutions – With just one touch, your users can manipulate content how they want it. Touchscreen technology and interactive design is ideal for an educational kiosk at a museum, a display at your retail stores, or gaming and entertainment outlets.


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