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eLearning Services

Rev Up Your Training

Think back to your school days – the teachers who inspired your love for learning were inspirational, entertaining and compelling. The same should be said for the training, conferences and classes we attend as adults.

As a leading video production and eLearning services company in St. Louis, Fat Chimp Studios has extensive experience creating eLearning experiences that click with viewers and educate the adult learner. No matter your education objectives, our team of writers, developers, graphic designers, animators, and videographers can develop classes and training for every platform and audience, whether your viewers are learning in an auditorium, on their computer or in their homes.


Fat Chimp Studios eLearning services allow your viewers to get training on their calendar and on their demand through their phones, tablets and computers. Or, we can integrate streaming, live video perfect for webinars and online conferences.

In addition, Fat Chimp Studios can make your training completely interactive by integrating online surveys, hands-on examples, interactive quizzes, and online collaboration. We ensure each tutorial is easy to understand and follow, and most important of all, holds the viewers’ attention so they learn faster, easier and efficiently.

eLearning Applications From A Video Production Company

The uses for eLearning are incredibly diverse and customizable for each company.

  • HR Modules – Train your staff anywhere in the world with video and animation that outlines your processes and policies. Create effective team-building exercises with employees across the globe, institute conflict resolution training, and guide them through your company so they’re ready to hit the ground running on their first day.
  • Continuing Education –Whether you’re a school, association or business, help your audience achieve their professional objectives and grow as leaders in their industry. Online and on-demand classes and training let them learn at their pace and on their schedule, increasing productivity and efficiency across the board.
  • Product & Service Modules – Help your sales staff promote your business or instruct your customers how to get the most from your products and services by providing video-based training. From product walkthroughs to interactive scenarios, your audience gets up close and personal with your products.

Recently, a medical publisher turned to Fat Chimp Studios’ eLearning services department to enhance its traditional textbook learning for its audience. In our studio, we created hospital sets. Our videos showed students how nurses perform medical tests, integrated 3D animated instruction for medical processes, such as properly inserting an IV, and highlighted other step-by-step interactive instruction that traditional textbook learning just can’t deliver. See a sample of the project here.

eLearning services from Fat Chimp Studios in St. Louis reduce training costs for your company and increases interaction among your audience. With our advance combination of video production, animation and audio, learning is as fun and engaging as it was when we were kids.



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