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6MP Transitions Hair Restoration Consortium




A Marketing Video Plan (MVP) is an important part of any company’s marketing strategy, whether it is to contact and inform new customers, help existing customers get information about new products and services, or train your customers on maintenance and best practices.

Marketing Consortium

These types of associations are trying to reach a targeted audience in several different locations across the country for a number of cooperating members. By sharing ideas and resources these smaller companies can combine their efforts to take part in a larger scale advertising campaign.

Transitions Hair Restoration Consortium

Transitions is a group of hair restoration centers across America, comprised of 40 companies of varying sizes. These companies offer a variety of hair restoration solutions and pool their marketing dollars to help each other build stronger advertising and marketing campaigns.

These types of companies are trying to reach a market segment that is embedded in larger demographic groups. These groups include men and women of various ages and hair restoration needs. A broad advertising campaign is the tried and true method of reaching these customers. Fat Chimp recommended an integrated approach between broadcast advertising and web site media.

To accomplish this plan, Fat Chimp shot testimonials and b-roll with real hair restoration customers from different demographic groups. These models were selected by participating hair restoration companies and all of the video was shot in Syracuse, New York. These models included:

  • Desiree – Female 25 to 35 – Laser Hair Therapy
  • Sid – Male 45 to 65 – Hair System
  • Nikki – Female 25 to 35 – Hair Extensions
  • Rhonda – Female 45 to 65 – Hair System


  • Kaitlyn – Female 25 to 35 – Hair Extensions
  • Tony – Male 25 to 35 – Hair System


  • Kim – Female 25 to 35 – Hair System



Each model testimonial was developed into various length commercial spots for different uses on different types of broadcasting and web components.Various spot campaigns were designed to run on local media in all of the designated markets with a 6 month rotation based on the services provided by each company.

The overall campaign objective was to drive potential customers to the company web sites. The television and radio spots were designed to pique potential customers’ interest and have them visit the web site where they can find out more information. Once they reach the web site the longer testimonial explains more about the experience and the quality of service. Everything in the campaign was targeted at helping consumers schedule a free no obligation consultation.

Element Synopsis (Download Details Here)


30 Second Television Commercial
This commercial is designed to grab the viewer’s attention with Before and After images of a current customer with which they can identify. This spot explains the daily activities of the person involved and how their particular hair loss solution has positively impacted their lives. The spot ends with a call to action including website address and phone number. This spot can be used in any commercial break, as web pre-roll during web videos, and inside an email marketing campaign.


15 Second Television Commercial
This commercial is designed to quickly grab the viewer’s attention with Before and After images of a current customer with which they can identify. The spot ends with a call to action including website and phone number. This spot is best used at the beginning of a commercial break, or the end of a break. This spot is most effective if used in coordination with a longer format version.



1 to 2 Minute Web Version
This web video is a more in-depth version of each customer’s hair loss experience.  This longer format version allows the existing customer to fully explain their reasons for seeking hair restoration help and how much it has been a positive force in their lives. Each of these videos helps potential customers identify with someone who has already experienced something like them and helps give them the confidence to set up an appointment.


60 Second Radio Spot
This audio commercial is designed to fit into the daily schedule of a targeted radio audience. Radio stations are very targeted and this commercial is longer than the TV spots, but also loses the dramatic effect of the before and after images and relies more on the testimonial aspects of each individuals experience.


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