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3MVP GCS Credit Union




A Marketing Video Plan (MVP) is an important part of any company’s marketing strategy, whether it is to contact and inform new customers, help existing customers get information about new products and services, or train your customers on maintenance and best practices.

Consumer Banking Company

These types of companies are trying to reach a targeted audience in a local market.  A Marketing Video Plan in this case requires targeted video elements that reach out to a specific group. The length of a plan for this type of customer can include all lengths, but this is a 3 month plan.

GCS Credit Union


GCS Credit Union is a full-service credit union located in multiple counties in Illinois. Founded in 1941 as a source of loans and basic savings products, GCS Credit Union has always focused on the member. Through the years, that philosophy has served GCS well, helping it grow from a single office in Granite City to a full-service financial institution serving the Metro-East area in Madison, St. Clair, Jersey, Macoupin, Montgomery, Bond, Clinton, Washington, Randolph, and Monroe counties. They provide services including: regular banking, online banking, automobile & other loans, home mortgages, and investment & money management.

The following video marketing plan will help GCS reach out to existing members and potential new members highlighting service offerings and their commitment to community outreach. This plan includes:

  • Corporate Overview Video – “Who We Are”
  • Edited Version targeted at Communities – “We’re Here for You”
  • Edited Version targeted at Businesses – “Benefits for Employees”
  • Message from the President Series –  “Play Ball”
  • Develop 75th Anniversary GCS Logo

All produced video elements can be used by GCS in various digital marketing efforts including the GCS web site, YouTube, Facebook, email marketing and sent to members via DVD or Blu Ray. These elements are also designed for GCS Ballpark and other GCS sponsored events.

Element Synopsis (Download Details Here)

Corporate Overview Video
Length of this video is 1 to 2 minutes. This corporate video showcases both a short history of GCS and the services and products offered. These products include loans, mortgages, banking, online services and the convenience of GCS’s seven locations. The spirit of this video is the credit union and the fact that GCS exists for its members with a message of, “Who we are!” 

Community Version of Overview Video
Length of this video is 1 to 2 minutes. This version of the corporate overview still highlights products and services, but takes a more direct approach to community by showing how GCS is part of the community and gives back to its members. This video also showcases testimonials for existing members and what GCS means to them. The spirit of this video is the community and the fact that GCS membership makes up the community with a message of, “We’re here for you!”

Business Version of Overview Video
Length of this video is 1 to 2 minutes. This version of the corporate overview still highlights products and services, but takes a more direct approach to businesses by showing that becoming a member of GCS will improve the lifestyle of their employees offering modern banking services without costing them money. This video also showcases testimonials from existing businesses and members telling their unique experiences. The spirit of this video is business membership with a message of, “We’re here for you!”

Message from the President “Play Ball”
This series of five messages features GCS President Keith Burton and other staff addressing the fans at GCS Ballpark. This short video will run right before the opening pitch of every game on the GCS Video Board. For Example; “Hi I’m Keith Burton, President of GCS Credit Union. I want to thank you for coming out to GCS Ballpark and cheering on the Gateway Grizzlies. GCS Credit Union is proud to have its name on this wonderful Ballpark. Please visit one of our 7 convenient branch locations to learn what GCS can do for you. Now its time for baseball…PLAY BALL!” The 5 different versions of this series each include a different message and call to action, but always end with “PLAY BALL!”

Develop 75th Anniversary Logo
FCS worked with GCS to design a new 75th Anniversary version of their current GCS Logo. This logo will be used in both digital media and print pieces during the 2016 business year.


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