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A Marketing Video Plan (MVP) is an important part of any company’s marketing strategy, whether it is to contact and inform new customers, help existing customers get information about new products and services, or train your customers on maintenance and best practices.

Consumer Services Company

These types of companies are trying to reach a broad audience in a regional marketplace. A Marketing Video Plan in this case requires many types of video elements. The ideal length for this type of plan is 12 months.

Altered Grounds

Altered Grounds Outdoor Services, LLC. is a full service outdoor living company. They provide services that include: landscaping, excavation, lawn & landscape maintenance, snow removal, and salt & ice maintenance. These services can be broken down to include design, project management, property maintenance, etc. What separates Altered Grounds (AG) from its competitors is creative design and attention to detail.

Altered Grounds asked Fat Chimp to help them broaden their market reach and introduce their brand to more of the St. Louis region. Located in Granite City, Illinois, they had a strong presence on the Illinois side of the river, but in Missouri their work was relatively unknown. FCS presented a Marketing Video Plan that included these video elements:

  • Commercial Spots
  • Short Format Web Video
  • Long Format Web Video


  • Time Lapse Web Video
  • Client Testimonials
  • Message from the Owners



Element Synopsis (Download Details Here)


Commercial Spots
Both :15 and :30 versions of these spots have strong logo recognition with a 3D animated logo and a call to action – “Call for a free consultation today”. The beginning of each spot features the logo with the center showcasing video of AG’s tremendous work finishing with the logo again and the phone number. Variations of these spots features the AG facilities and the family oriented atmosphere, but always with a specific call to action.



Short Format Web Video
Length of this video is 1 to 2 minutes. This is a standard size corporate video that showcases both the work of Altered Grounds and the commitment of their people. This video highlights the exceptional work and utilizes some of the time lapse and video from the highlighted project, but also features the AG facilities and past work that has been done.



Long Format Web Video
Length of this video is 3 to 7 minutes. This video is produced similar to a television reality series featuring the owners, Josh and Jeremy Hickam, and highlights their expertise as landscaping designers and builders. This video features other employees from the company and the detail that goes into working with customers to deliver these amazing landscaping designs. This video showcases all of the shot video elements.



Time Lapse Video
There are two time lapse videos shot with Go Pro cameras that capture the entire build over the time it takes to create the landscaping at a St. Charles residence. This time lapse showcases the workers dedication to detail, how they do business and the final cleanup. This element is included in the other videos, and is also edited as a stand-alone piece to be distributed by e-mail to prospective customers. This element can also be used on the web site and social media.



Message From the Owners
This is a stand-alone short message from Josh and Jeremy about their commitment to their customers and their craft. It is important that prospective customers hear from the owners about why they should do business with Altered Grounds.




Client Testimonials
While it is important to hear from the owners, it is just as important to hear from clients. We recommend shooting interviews with at least two clients from differing backgrounds with different sized projects. These interviews center on the client’s experience with AG and their satisfaction with their landscaping covering the key factors of service, detail, cleanliness, and follow-through.


This plan gives Altered Grounds many elements to use throughout the year in a multi-part marketing blitz that can reach customers over a variety of platforms. These include:

  • Television Advertising
  • Website Advertising
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns


  • Tradeshow Support
  • In-Facility Promotion
  • Event Sponsorship




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